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Dual deck (Hot and Cold) existing multi-zone unit that is under sized from years of company growth and changes to building usage. HVAC demand has increased and equipment limits have been reached. Existing equipment is located on a roof behind parapet wall where dimensional and weight constraints are an issue. The existing curb has to be used.


Working with the building’s architect and engineers, Alliance’s design team provided very low-noise fans with 12 bladed, airfoil wheels and special acoustic diffusers built into the supporting frames. The unit walls and roof incorporated extra acoustical treatment, and special attention was paid to design and layout of internal components to minimize turbulence & noise. The finished unit was subjected to real-life acoustical testing specified and witnessed by a third party acoustical engineering consultant.

– All aluminum construction to match the weight of existing unit to avoid structural reinforcement.

 – Dual Circuit DX piping with VFD scroll compressors; extremely efficient and quiet.

 – Variable speed condenser fans (standard) for smooth and low-ambient head pressure control.

 – Integrated economizer and building pressure relief damper standard (optional building pressure sensor-controlled exhaust).

– Dual plenum-plug supply fans with variable speed drive (standard) for turn-down, soft-start and air balancing.

– Specifiable coil materials and/or coil coatings on evaporator, condenser and optional heat recovery coil.

– Optional heat recovery coil (discharge hot gas pre-heat of hot deck air) greatly reduces the need for gas heater (or EH’s).

– Modulating (natural or propane) gas heater with 409 SS heat-exchanger (MA) or SCR controlled Electrical Heaters (ME).

– Integrated extruded-aluminum dual-deck zone dampers (or optional triple-deck for non-mixing).

– Factory installed DDC controls for equipment & zone control (BACnet optional, other controls optional).

– Matches existing roof curb (and optional varying cantilever based on specific jobsite limitations).

– Single Source Power Panel.

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