In-Row Hyper Efficient Cooling Solutions, Data Rack Coolers

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Problem: Today’s highly dense data centers use a lot of energy for equipment cooling. Even moderate improvements in operating efficiencies of In-row units can result in large energy cost savings.

Solution: Alliance engineers researched ways to improve the performance of the air-moving components since these are the primary energy consumers in the air handling equipment. Using state-of-the-art variable speed, electronically commutated motors (ECM) together with the highest efficiency commercially available fan wheels, low pressure drop filtration, and optimized coil design, Alliance produced an In-row unit capable of moving 6700CFM airflow at less than 1BHP !

The space-optimized package combines high operating efficiency, low noise, and ease of installation and maintenance at a highly competitive price.

 Data Center Makeup Air Handling Equipment

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Problem: Floor space in data centers is at a premium. Our customer needed 120,000CFM of makeup air from a package that consumed less than 570 square feet of floor space. Because this design required a stacked configuration, catwalks and access ladders were required for access to the upper equipment. Since entry area to the building was restricted, the equipment needed to be shipped in separate pieces that could be easily reassembled at the site. Finally, the equipment had to be completed and delivered to the site in less than eight weeks!

Solution: Alliance provided two stacked configuration units with multiple split sections, twelve direct drive plenum fans, single source power panel with variable speed motor control center, and field installable catwalks and ladders. All equipment was fabricated, tested, and delivered to the jobsite less than eight weeks after release for production.