Low-noise Air Handler with Special Appearance Requirements

la county museum of art

Problem: The highly visible location of the air handling equipment, together with the severe acoustic constraints of the museum’s interior required a unique & closely coordinated design approach.

Solution: Working with the building’s architect and engineers, Alliance’s design team provided very low-noise fans with 12 bladed, airfoil wheels and special acoustic diffusers built into the supporting frames. The unit walls and roof incorporated extra acoustical treatment, and special attention was paid to design and layout of internal components to minimize turbulence & noise. The finished unit was subjected to real-life acoustical testing specified and witnessed by a third party acoustical engineering consultant.

The unit’s exterior was designed to complement its surroundings. Alliance’s design team worked together with the project architect to select the paint color, external fasteners, and other design elements to achieve the desired appearance of the exposed installation. The end result was a visually unique and highly acoustically neutral installation.