Alliance Air Products has brought together an engineering team focused on practical solutions to all aspects of air handling unit design. Our engineers are leaders in the industry with extensive experience in research and product development. The payoff to our customers is a streamlined design and manufacturing process resulting in efficient, cost effective, custom units.

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 Design Services

Responsive & Knowledgeable
Our Team is dedicated to providing in-depth engineering solutions. By bringing our design team early in the planning phase, we can tailor the unit capacity, layout, and cabinet size to precisely fit any new or retrofit project.

The team is committed to quick customer response with design options focused on high quality, efficiency and cost savings. Our qualified engineers and designers can meet the most challenging building requirements including:

  • Sound Attenuation
  • Space Constraints
  • Weight Constraints
  • Corrosive Environments
 Testing Services

Accurate, Consistent & Reliable as Specified
Alliance Air customers are assured quality and performance through our testing capabilities. Knowledgeable engineers have extensive hands-on experience in testing, research and product development. All tests are conducted in accordance with the latest industry standards using the most current software and instrumentation.

Customers are encouraged to witness any test performed. Through accurate measurements and consistent test data, we can certify that our customer’s units will provide quiet, efficient operation as specified.

    Our test capabilities include:
    • Sound Power
    • Airflow
    • Unit Leakage
    • Casing Deflection
    • Vibration
 Field Service

Seamless Coordination with the Customer
The Alliance Air team is setup to provide customer service during the unit’s long life. Technicians are available to assist on startup, training and field service. Customers can depend on the their prompt and reliable workmanship.