At Alliance Air Products, we have pride in what we build. For that reason, we prefer to have the control system (for your unit) installed at our factory to minimize (or eliminate) the drilling and cutting that is done to the equipment after it leaves our factory.

single point power panels:

Our controls offering begins with our U.L. certified panel builders. All of our Single Point Power Panels (SSPP’s) are custom designed and constructed to provide power distribution and protection for all electrical devices.

Single Source Power Panel

controls options:

To directly control each function of the unit, Alliance can use a variety of control products. From intrinsically safe (explosion proof) applications, to electro-mechanical (simplified relay logic) controls to Direct Digital Controls (DDC). To be of the best service we can to our customers, we offer a diverse range of controls options…

  • No controls:
    At your request, we can leave the unit without any form of controls, so that the installation team handles that process on site. This is the least desirable option, because it means that someone is going to be drilling cutting into a new well finished unit.

  • “Factory-prepped” for controls:
    Alliance can factory-mount a controls panel and install a pair of conduits down the length of the unit, with connection in each section. We also pre-pipe the low voltage power for the control cabinet to our Single-Point Power Panel (SSPP), creating a much easier.

  • “Owner-Supplied” (factory installed) Controls:
    At Alliance, we are happy to accept owner-supplied controls for factory installation onto your equipment. We invite controls dealers and manufacturers to come to the factory to either install their controls, or after we’ve installed them, they are encouraged to perform startup and functional testing.

Owner Supplied Controls
  • “Factory Controls”:
    While Alliance has access to many controls companies, we also have our own OEM product line of powerful DDC controls known as “Innotech by Alliance”. These are fully standalone capable DDC controllers that can be interfaced to the most popular DDC communications protocols. These controllers are fully programmable to follow any sequence of operation that can be conceived.

    InnoTech by Alliance

    These DDC controllers can be networked to each other (peer-to-peer) and connected back to a PC client or web based user interface. Access to the controls network can be achieved over an Internet connection, via a third party controls system, over the building computer network or even via a dedicated dial-up modem line.

  • Outboard Equipment:
    We also offer a line of DDC controllers to perform control of ancillary devices, such as VAV zone dampers, remote exhaust fans, pumps, lighting control, etc.


In addition to building the best units we can build, Alliance knows that one of the keys to our success is how well we continue to support our products. Please contact your Alliance Air Products representative for any support aspect.
Please visit or Support Page to download helpful documents intended to help us ascertain how we can best help you.